Insanity, Love, Laughter & the Missing Sandwich

by Doug Evans on July 9, 2014

I am just returning from the Evans family annual 4th of July gathering.

My short vacation that causes an immediate need for another vacation.

This year, we were fortunate enough that all my children and Grandchildren could make it .

Uncle Roger, back home is now healthy and stayed healthy after one heck of a scare a year ago (blessing for us).

19 0f us and 2 dogs. Normally, we would have 3 dogs but Dakota’s arthritis just wouldn’t allow him to make the trip. (missed ya Dakota !)

19 in about a 1200 square foot cottage (and a big popup ) is “cozy”.

One bathroom helps us hone our scheduling skills.

Having a VERY wooded lot and having half of our group being boys REALLY helps if you follow my drift !

We spend a lot of quality time together. Tons of beach and boating time, a little golf, a birthday celebration (happy birthday Mike!), bonfires, cards, fireworks, fishing, sparklers and putt-putt.

We have a portable city that moves with us.

With family across the lake, we invaded the local miniature golf course with 32 of us. Mr. Putt-putt was back after his land contract sale fell through.

Family gathering from Michigan, Illinois, Indiana & Alaska has 40 of us at the beach. We kinda just take it over.

Never are you alone, you need start and stop signs to move within the cottage, hot water for a quick shower is iffy.

If you put your sandwich down to go back to the frig for a little more mayonnaise, you may come back to find a Mom cleaned it up thinking one of the kids were all done eating. Having someone actually admit they were the cause of you making another sandwich is almost impossible.

When the gang all leave, there is a really weird unidentified sound–quiet. :)

Hectic–yup. Would I ever want to miss it–no way !



Are All Business Owners Terrorist ?

by Doug Evans on June 4, 2014

I’m shocked that many people and some of the most famous news anchors on television think business owners are all criminals.
Business owners were once looked up to by everyone.

They were role models.

They were signs of success

They were proof the “American” system was working. I’ll even be brave and say they were symbols of capitalism in its finest.

Now a days, I don’t know how the hell business owners can sleep at night.

Big Fortune 500 companies have been attacked for years.

They have been accused of political favors, making unreasonable profits, engaging in illegal activities and practices and more.

I’m sure some of this indeed is true, but now the attacks are on the businesses I have worked with for over 40 years. Now all of a sudden mid-sized businesses, the Tier 1, Tier2 auto suppliers and doctors here in Detroit, small retail shops, service organizations all the way down to a Mom and Pop business are being attacked. [click to continue…]


Still Tugging My Heart

May 8, 2014

Earlier this week, I addressed a high school class of seniors. I covered a “tad” of all the favorite topics I teach and spent the most time on areas I thought would help the students the most as they move on in life. Part of my talk was on fears and faith.

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Stress, What a Mess and Less

April 15, 2014

These are the three subjects I have been bombarded with since the start of the new year. All three are extremely related. They are woven together. People are not sleeping, are frustrated, angry and dare I say–out and out pissed off.

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To The Bat Phone

April 3, 2014

Currently jumping through many hoops as tax season is in the beginning of what I call “zoo” week and coaching my private clients, I can’t help but to look ahead. I have tons of ideas and will be starting on a new group coaching program as soon as I can. I am also looking forward […]

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The New Four Letter Word

March 27, 2014

Ok, I woke up to 9 degrees and SNOW ! Snow on March 27th. Snow that this winter just won’t stop. This winter season is the second most snow on record that has fallen in Michigan. We are da*n close to setting the record. Yeah ?

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Will You Help Someone ?

March 11, 2014

St. Patty’s Day is almost here. How about a little Irish inspiration? When I wrote A Leprechaun in Your Pocket, I wanted to inspire people. I wanted to help folks that were hurting and needed some encouragement each and every day. If you are looking for a fun read, this isn’t it. This book is […]

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March 6, 2014

Annabelle, picks on us and call us “old people” even though she ages 7 years for every year of ours. She has asked I post this little prayer for you. It is great if you need a quick giggle or maybe are getting just a tad “up there’.

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Derailed But Back On Track

February 10, 2014

I apologize for not posting as much as I should. This last week or so there was a snow storm, 3 funeral visitations, and 3 more sick people to worry a tad about. The week didn’t “flow” as I planned. Been there ? I even had the best of plans to work on this Saturday […]

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The Top 16 Must Reads

February 1, 2014

For years, I have kept a Top 16 list of my “must read” books. I recommend these to ALL my coaching clients–always have. These are classic foundational books. Many of you look forward to my updates just like my “what’s on the nightstand” regular blog feature. I try to update this list every quarter or […]

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