The Top Must Read Books

by Doug Evans on January 10, 2015

Today, I updated my Top 16 list.

Those of you that have been carefully following this list over the years should notice the changes.

They are subtle.

Four changes were made. The first 2 people who find 3 of the 4 changes will receive a special gift.

E-mail me at if you think you know.

This offer ends January 20th.



Happy, Healthy New Year’s Toast

by Doug Evans on December 31, 2014

Vic Johnson a great mentor and friend of mine, introduce me to a 10 step New Year’s Toast many years ago and it remains one of my favorites. The first 10 steps are from Vic.  I have added my thoughts on “how” to accomplish each step.  I’ve also added another 10 steps to this long time toast of mine.

In 2015 may you:

1) Achieve more – We do this through persistence, time, personal growth and by investing in ourselves

2) Believe more – This is done through faith. Believing it can be and will be accomplished.

3) Celebrate more -We all get so busy chasing things, usually goals, that we forget to take credit for what victories enter our lives

4) Do More – Not that you all have been sitting on the couch but do more of the right things that will lead you to your dreams.

5) Expect more- You get what you expect in life. Have no fear ! Take more chances.

6) Fail more -success is growth through failure. There are no failures, just lessons.

7) Love more – Love everyone. Become more than you are. Love all people, especially those close to you. Love them more. Really love them !

8) Relax more – Do the things you love . Play golf, go hiking, go fishing, do some woodcarving !

9) Reach for more. Go for it–never ever settle ! Go for the moon !

10 ) Read more – We don’t read enough. Any answer you need can be found in a book.

Now 10 more :

11) Laugh more- We all take life way too serious. Laugh, enjoy. Let some of that bottled up stress go.

12) Think more – We are 500-600 % smarter than we ever give ourselves credit for. Within you are the answers you are seeking.

13) Reflect more – Take some quiet time and look where you are, where you want to go and what is or is not working for you.

14) Be supported more -We all need cheerleaders in our lives. Most of us have very few and those we have sure could cheer louder !

15) Attract more- The law of attraction is alive and well. Focus on what you want . Visualize it and it will over time become part of your life.

16) Chill more- Learn to let go. Let things be. Give it time. If you are spiritual-Let go and Let God !

17) Dream more–How this was off the original list was shocking. Dream big dreams. Dream and dream again. Dreaming is never optional. It all starts here !

18) Pray more- pray to your Supreme being . To me and many this is God. I think, , our world is getting screwier every day and scares me. Some divine intervention can’t hurt us or the world.

19) Communicate more- Folks don’t talk any more. There is little face to face interaction. Feelings, facial expressions, body language are important. LOL, K, BFF, etc. just don’t cut it all the time !

20) Drop more- We all are just too damn busy. Chop down that to do list ! Keep that to do list under ten pounds !

Happy New Year !

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December 28, 2014

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December 12, 2014

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October 11, 2014

AND………the groom too ! Just a short announcement that last weekend on October 4th my son David and his bride Michelle were married. The wedding was well attended by family and friends and all went extremely well. We are very proud of the “newlyweds” and welcome them on their adventure of chasing many dreams together […]

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The Nightstand Is Back

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