by Doug Evans on November 15, 2014

Everyone I talk to is overwhelmed and darn near totally exhausted. No one has TIME.

Time is so very precious.

It seems we can never have enough. We are always looking for more !

My coaching clients consistently want help in this area.

They really want miracles.

They want to change absolutely nothing they are doing but find twice as much time as they now have.

Wish I had the power to grant that wish to everyone, especially ME !

Instead of being able to wave my Harry Potter wand, I offer them 10 tips to find more time when life offers you “too much”.

Here they are :

1) Let some stuff go -life has so much to offer, we are always reaching for more. Today, before you go to bed tonight, take 10 % of what you are now doing and let go. Make it disappear. If you “must” watch tv for 4 hours a night, drop one show and make it 3 hours. If you play golf 3 times a week and then driving range 2 more night, cut back today. If you always work right after the kids go to bed until your bedtime, chop of a half hour a day and relax, meditate, or read a good book.

2) Change your expectations. I don’t care what you have planned for today, you probably won’t get it all done. Everyone underestimates the time time they will need. We all assume optimum performance and 100 % cooperation from everyone. The real world just doesn’t work that way. Sorry ! [click to continue…]



by Doug Evans on October 11, 2014

AND………the groom too ! Just a short announcement that last weekend on October 4th my son David and his bride Michelle were married. The wedding was well attended by family and friends and all went extremely well.

We are very proud of the “newlyweds” and welcome them on their adventure of chasing many dreams together !

“Dreams together” , doesn’t that sound nice ?

David, loved seeing you both so happy.

Michelle, it’s official–another daughter to be part of this crazy family !

( I think she already was and knew what she got herself into !)

Help me wish them nothing but love, blessings and happiness !





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