Your Missing Power

Learn how to Discover Your Missing Power


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Finding the right coach is critical to your success.

Doug loves to watch people transform their lives.

You have untapped Power!

Learn how to Discover Your Missing Power!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Does it feel like you are “STUCK” in life?

Do you think you deserve better?

(If you don’t, then you can just stop there.)

  • Do you settle for less than you truly deserve ?
  • Are you tired of settling ?
  • Do you have no passion in your life ?
  • Are you tired of telling friends nothing is new ?
  • Do you need motivation ? Inspiration ?
  • Accountability ?
  • Something to change in your life?
  • Are you ready to get started ?
  • If any or all of us this sounds like you , it’s time for a change and we need to talk!

Is Doug the right coach for you?

Through decades of research and training Doug has spent thousands of dollars and hours of study. His goal was to truly understand success and how to firmly grasp it.

Wow, what a life changer!

As Doug began to share what he learned with clients and friends, the amazing results became addictive.

Doug love’s watching the transformation in his clients, from daily struggles to a real deep belief in themselves with optimism and hope for the future.

Over the years a system developed for helping others.

It just works.

Doug brings his Irish attitude and CPA logic into the mix, so he’s comfortable standing toe to toe with the most hard nosed hard driving business owners. Doug’s compassion and patients helps with those that need that push also.

Below are a few options to engage with Doug.

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What others say about Doug.

Honey Howsare

I met Doug and his wife through a business affiliate that we are both  associated with. He is one of those people who have a wealth of  Creative ability. Doug is Brilliant when it comes to ideas for problem solving.  You could compare him to a river—-the ideas just flow out of him.  One important gift Doug has is to make situations in life fun. He makes me laugh and that is so important in today’s stressful society.  If you are looking for someone who is very caring, will listen to you,  and then help you find a solution, Doug is your man.  I AM BLESSED TO CALL HIM MY FRIEND!
Deb “HONEY” Howsare, Champion’s Club

Vic Johnson

Doug Evans has a huge passion for helping other people achieve their dreams. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Doug for the last four years and I’ve watched him become a great Mastermind leader and teacher of the universal principles of success. He’s a tremendous encourager who can coach you to your biggest dreams
Vic Johnson, Founder,

Who is Doug hanging out with?

Doug with Bob Proctor & Dennis Waitley

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Interested in more things Leprechaun? Visit Doug’s site, A Leprechaun In Your Pocket, click here.