About Doug

Doug Evans’ background is as a success and motivational coach, author, speaker, CPA  and has been in the corporate world for the last 35 years. He has helped hundreds of small and medium size businesses . He also has an interesting network marketing background.

Doug’s passion is in working and helping others to obtain their goals and dreams with as much ease as possible. Too many people struggle in their business or personal lives needlessly. He can help with his experience to minimize the pain, the suffering or lack of direction many people for one reason or another end up finding in life.

Doug has worked with and studied with Vic Johnson and Bob Proctor. They with Andy Andrews have greatly molded his beliefs and coaching method. These three men can help shape anyone’s destiny and future. Doug shares much of the philosophy with his guests on his popular weekly blogtalkradio program “Missing Power.”

Doug is and has been an avid reader. Reading is a lost art. Many people never read a book of any kind beyond their formal education. This practice, this bad habit of  today’s society needs to be corrected. Doug works with schools, civic groups and literary guilds to promote reading and most of all learning from books.

As a  coach and motivational speaker he helps people to learn to dream again and to work towards their dreams with a solid action plan. He helps you to find a balanced, focused life to minimize the stress in your life by his encouragement, ideas, and a “friendly’ kick in the butt to be sure you are always challenging yourself.

Looking for testimonials about Doug’s work ethic and success?

Doug is one of the co-authors of Dance Until It Rains. This is a book of inspiring stories of everyday persistence. Persistence that we all need to excel in our daily lives !!

Doug is also co-author of 61 Lies We Live By. This book identifies misguided thoughts and beliefs we take for granted but need to change as soon as possible. “How to” steps are included to help make changes in your life-NOW !

The last co-authored book released is Today Is Your Day. This is a collaboration of 51 top emerging coaches who each share their secrets to life and professional success.

Doug’s 10 1/2 step system Face Your Fears & Live Your Life of Dreams audio program has the foundation to start helping you today ! If you need to carry Doug’s wisdom with you all day long, this is the answer.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune”—Jim Rohn

“Yes, God feeds the birds, but he doesn’t throw the worms in their nests” —- Andy Andrews