Individual & Group Coaching

Doug brings his big passion for life to his coaching programs. Expect big results.

You are only an idea away from making the breakthrough you are looking for towards your goals. Doug helps you discover your missing power, it is there, you have to unleash it.

View the video to learn more about coaching from Doug, there are some ideas below from past successful coaching clients.

As always, reach out to Doug by scheduling a quick call so you can discover if Doug is the right coach for you.

We all need help. We all need a coach. I have a coach, my mentors have a coach or even coaches. Tiger Woods, Oprah, Tony Robbins have coaches. If you want to excell that’s what it takes !

It is up to me as your Coach is to inspire, motivate and ensure you are taking action to reach your goals and dreams. That is what I do.

You or your organization will be held accountable to do what you need to and commit to do. I’ll be sure you stay focused and excited as you work hard to excell in daily life.

Many people have wanted to write a book or ebook for years. Maybe you even signed up for a “how to’ class. If that didn’t work for you, I offer a eight session method of one on one coaching to be sure all your questions are answered and that book does indeed get published.

This is personal hand holding. Anyone can finish a book at YOUR pace. Sign up today. You no longer have an excuse not to put that special book online and in book stores TODAY!

In today’s economy, it is urgent you get the right marketing message to your potential customers. Written advertisement still works at times but the consumer is getting a little lazy and is demanding viral answers and solutions.Don’t let the competition outsmart you or outwork you. Get your viral solution today. Help is on it’s way !

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