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A Leprechaun in your Pocket Book
A Leprechaun In Your Pocket Workbook of Daily Irish Inspiration

Ageless Irish advice and inspiration.

Doug’s book A Leprechaun In Your Pocket is a reflection of Irish blessings and sayings that deal with love, friendship, family, God, faith, giving thanks, laughter, rainbows, dreams and sharing a cold drink or two with a friend.
Reading the book and working through 31 days in the workbook will shift your perspective to:

  • Appreciate the important things in life
  • Force you to totally change your daily thinking
  • Reduce your stress with a few simple thoughts
  • Inspire you to chase your personal rainbow and dreams
  • Shed a happy tear
  • And much much more

The workbook is designed so that you personally or your TEAM can spend some quiet reflection and introspectively get in touch with and understand real feelings on a variety of important topics. Topics (dare I say values?) that at are slipping quickly in today’s crazy society. Topics that we just don’t talk about any more. You will also be challenged to reflect and identify feelings that guide you or team members actions each and every day. When was the last time you actually thought about or talked about your feelings? These feelings will determine the actions you do or do not take. These feelings will determine your future.

Prepare yourself or your TEAM to be challenged on a very deep level.

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Do you really want your team to talk and learn how to discuss their feelings ?

Do you want to have your team learn how to talk to one another?

Then book  Doug  to facilitate  a workshop for your group or organization. Corporations, churches, schools districts, civic organizations even book clubs can enjoy some major breakthroughs from just one workshop.

You will be amazed at the transformation when you open up discussions between team members in your organization or business. People are generally afraid to talk to one another. With cell phones, texting, email world, and social media, face to face interpersonal skills, are at an all-time low.

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If you want your TEAM to function on a high level, they need this course. Having Doug lead your workshop in person energizes and solidifies your team , but working through  the workbook in a group setting will work for small staffs and individuals wanting to improve themselves. It’s just a little harder and takes a little more work.

Hold On !


You may be  thinking, “Doug, I’m not part of a big TEAM or my TEAM just won’t buy into this BUT I’d love to discuss these feelings and values !

I have felt the power of a group.

I loved that feeling.

If this sounds like you, you’ll want keep reading very carefully.

We are currently accepting names for a first ever online workshop utilizing the NEW A Leprechaun in Your Pocket workbook.

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We really don’t have all the details but dates, pricing, course structure will be announced in just a few weeks.

The online workshop will probably be five one hour sessions that cover six “days” of the book per session.  The entire workbook will be discussed exactly as Doug does when he facilitates for a large group or team.

Space will be limited, so get on the  list before it is too late.

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This online event will be powerful.

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