What’s on the nightstand returns !

Many of you are complaining I am behind on my book reviewing but……….

Please remind me !

These posts slip by me and I’m on  to other books or 10 different directions.

I have 5-6 more reports for you so I’m dumping on you guys to remind me.

Here are 5 to check out !

1) Grow a Pair-Larry Winget. This book was actually a gift from Suzanne Evans (no relationship, but I adopt!)-Larry never pulls any punches and writes about not holding back. Success sometimes is delayed because people are afraid of many, many things. Larry, tells you to “grow a pair” and offers some solid advice on “how to”.

2) Happy, Happy, Happy-Phil Robertson–You will either love or hate Phil from Duck Dynasty. I love Phil’s humor and un-politically correct shoot from the hip viewpoints . In this overly PC world, refreshing honesty is shared. Run to buy it or run away–your call !

3) Cross My Heart-James Patterson- An Alex Cross thriller in typical Alex Cross style but the book ends on a “to be continued”. I hate the cliff hanger, wait to my next book style.

4) The War of Art-Steven Pressfield- Steven offers everyday advice on how to get inside your own head and solve problems you are facing. Solve obstacles, procrastination, depression etc. I was told this book would rock my world but… good info. but disappointing

5) The Five People You Meet In Heaven-Mitch Albom-Mitch spins an interesting tale full of life lessons once again. Mitch tells a story of how and sometimes why, “stuff” happens in life. We never know the whole story or the influences that surround people each and every day. Good book !

Well there ya go !


If you only have time for one good book, get The Five People You Meet in Heaven and toss it in your backpack or suitcase.

Hey…. even good on the nightstand !