After 40 years in the tax world, I have been challenged to explain why the day after the deadline is a mental National holiday .

The day after TAX day for anyone in the business is a day tough to explain.

If you are not in the business,–I don’t think you will understand.

Most of us have been in a fog, exhausted , caffeine driven for a couple of weeks.

Some crazy people in this business are working 80 hour work weeks.

You live on auto-pilot , conditioned from previous tax seasons.

You are in the zone.

Adrenaline keeps the fight going.

When the crunch is over, you are numb for several days.

You lose the adrenaline and become more tired yet with a big sigh and a cocktail or two, mentally you become more human.

You notice people, flowers, sunshine.

You understand a TV program , a sportscast vs. staring at a screen.

Food tastes different.

You start to sleep again.

Yes, seven to ten days later, you feel human again.

You’re back.

It’s a detox process. It really is.

I’m glad the detox has started.

Hi, world !

It’s me !