The long awaited five more books that left my nightstand.

More books of course have added to the stack ,but five more are gone.

Here are my book reviews to help you decide if any or all may be of help to you.

1) Circle Maker-Mark Batterson-This is a book about prayer, the power of prayer and stories of how Pastor Mark himself has used prayer in many situations in his life. I had never read anything by Pastor Mark before , but his story telling style had me order another of his books upon finishing this one.(see #3 below).

2) Beautiful Outlaw- John Eldredge – John Eldredge may be the best wordsmith I have ever read. His use of the English language has me chuckling and amazed at the same time. He spreads Christian thoughts in such any easy demeanor. This book profiles Jesus as an outlaw since he shook every principle and practice the old school Jewish people had become comfortable with. John’s viewpoints will challenge and enlighten your thinking. With a spiritual subject like this, words like pumpkins,knuckleheads, Evel Knievel, numskulls and hobbits might surprise you.

3) In A Pit With A Lion on A Snowy Day-Mark Batterson-A subtitle of this book is “How to Survive and Thrive When Opportunity Roars”. I think this explains what the book is all about. It is full of stories of conquering fears, acts of faith, supporting your children’s’ dreams and facing challenges. It offers character building and stress relieving advice. An excellent book.

4) People Are Idiots and I can Prove It-Larry Winget-Just a tad different from the last three reviews! (Smile inserted here !) I really had a tough time as I started on this book. Larry’s style is different. I knew that as I started reading but the beginning of the book just didn’t flow for me. The middle got better and the ending was excellent. Larry is an “in your face” expert who pulls no punches. This book is full of good information. The weak at heart may not like this. Those of you who need a kick in the ass will love it! Final thoughts- one more of his books is on my nightstand and I just ordered one more !

5) I Am-Dr. Wayne Dyer-I could never bad mouth an old Detroit boy, and old Michigander! Dr. Dyer is one of those guys, I just have to meet one day. I also just have that feeling I will. I love his insight, almost can’t get enough. This book was recommended by several people and I was surprised when it arrived it is a children’s book. It is very well done and speaks to the power and presence of God in our lives. If you are teaching God in your home to your children or grandchildren I highly recommend it !