I don’t know about you but I have been bombarded with so many people I know having health issues . It’s darn near a daily experience that I learn of someone new who has an issue and needs my prayers and maybe a ton of prayer.

Many of you reading this , like me, ain’t getting any younger . That, ¬†I am sure is part of issue. Folks my age always are dealing with parents in failing health and it stinks. Unfortunately, more and more of the news I hear is often the 40 and under crowd too. Wee little ones are way too frequently in the mix. The little guys struggling can break your heart really quick.

My prayer list starts to look like my phone book.

I see a niche for health coaches especially those that can ease us all into a long term plan that isn’t something that turns our lives upside down and set us up for failure.

To all my prayer warriors out there—I’ll pray for you and you pray for me .

We’ll make it .

God helping us along the way will never hurt.