These last few weeks I have been supporting a couple of good friends who have had some serious health issues. They both after a couple of weeks in the hospital, were moved to a “rehab” center. I think they are better named “half way” houses and operate a lot like the half way houses out there we see on the news.

Insurance companies years ago convinced what we called then “nursing” homes to accept more patients and showed them how to increase their profits. Then “rehab” centers were born.

After four different family members having extended stays after a wonderful rehab center I know the routine.

The routine is:
1) Give you a very simple room with one or two other people.
2) Ignore you most of the time
3) Bring in three dorm room square meals of mystery meat
4) Run your pills to you-once, twice a day
5) Ignore you again
6) Avoid answering any questions
7) Take you to physical or occupational therapy a half hour a day
8) Ignore you if you ever use the call button you are given asking for help


I’m told under the new National Health Care plan this luxury will have substantial cut backs, so folks better enjoy it while they can.

Rehab Centers-wow !

What in your life, in your business, in your mind, do you have a fancy name for that doesn’t amount to squat ?

What other examples of nonsense do you know of ?

What bothers you ?

What maybe keeps you up at night ?

I want to know.

Let’s get the word out there.

I’ll bet you aren’t alone!