The other day, my sister Kathy invited me to go see Deepak as he was in town , at Renaissance Unity church promoting his new book-The 13th Disciple.

Detroit was the first stop on his tour.

Lately, I have been running on empty. I have had many long days taking care of everyday business, dealing with business challenges and working hard on business growth.

I also have been dealing with some very stressful family issues just to keep me on my toes.

I had no idea how I would squeeze this in my schedule but knew I needed to be there.

Besides spending some time with Kathy, I knew my head needed an adjustment.

I have been thinking a lot lately of changes I need to make, how I can best help people, how I can take better care of Doug and how to slow down a little. Maybe more than a little.

Deepak’s words, his insight, had to fit some how.

The majority of the evening’s presentation was classic Deepak repeating philosophies he has taught us for many years.

Insights that touch you at a very deep level.

Insights that when I was growing up we called “heavy stuff”.

I’d like to share just a few of my personal highlights of the evening.

  • 70 % of the universe is dark matter. It can not be seen and is INFERRED by everything scientists know of and hold true. “Inferred” blew me away. Dark matter discussions get real theoretical but spend 5-10 minutes on Google and check it out.
  • Quote of the night- “We are all God in drag !”
  • The future is God
  • Deepak put the entire audience through a guided meditation. It was sensational ! After years of attempts, this was the first time I felt I was really in a reflective state and RELAXED ! (although my sister Kathy, a NP, said my breathing never slowed one bit) ( I will be checking out some of his meditation aids real soon )

All in all, it was great night. Deepak in person is 10 times better than on TV or listening to a CD. He is much more relaxed and it is almost the sensation of sitting at the local coffee shop having a casual conversation. His delivery style will stick with me for years.

Well Deepak did his job so if any of you want to join in and send me somewhere to relax, I’m yours !