My daughter and her family on the way up North (in Michigan, that is a destination!) stopped for a bite to eat.

They stopped at a big coney island that had at least one TV mounted to a wall. The television was behind my daughter’s back. She couldn’t see it. Frankly, she didn’t even notice it was there.

Alyssa, my granddaughter, age 11 ,didn’t miss it.

After a short time , Alyssa, said “Mom, that is such a sad TV”. Why would you watch something like that ?

Why is the TV so sad, you may ask  ?

It had just shown a story of dogs hurt, hungry and unloved , children dying of cancer and bombings in the Middle east.

Why, asked Alyssa, would anyone watch this ?

Why indeed !

This TV was probably showing CNN as many public TV’s do. Alyssa just saw a pitch asking for money from the Humane Society then , The Children’s Miracle Network and of course, today’s daily special bombing.

“Stuff” (crap) America loves to watch.

If an eleven year old easily recognizes the mind pollution it causes, why do adults miss the boat and feed their heads everyday with this “stuff”?

Turn that crap off & let owners of public area TVs know to change the channel !

No more sad TV.

Please !