With all the total nonsense going on in the world & how the news stations glorify it, I’m amazed .

I’m amazed that America wants that information.

Today, let me tell you about an angel. Someone that earned her wings. Someone who helped a veteran honor other veterans . Any of you “who gives a sh*t about veterans”  supporters can leave now. You won’t like the rest of the story.

This past Memorial Day, a friend commented on Facebook how he was disappointed he could not travel to Arlington to honor his Dad, Mother & sister buried there.

Remember in the South many still celebrate Remembrance Day . Families spend the day cutting grass, picking weeds cleaning up grave sites and adding flowers & flags.I have friends who visit 70-80 gravesites. They devote 8 hours plus every year.

One of those type of people, who spend the day honoring the dead , the heroes at Arlington, saw my friend’s Facebook post. She wanted to help.

She asked for the names of his Dad, Mom & sister. She found them in the Arlington directory.

Within three hours of the post, he received pictures of 3 gravestones with a rose on them.

A retired drill sergeant eyes weren’t 100% dry. He was touched–forever. He was grateful.

He knew he had found an angel. He had lost his angel, his wife, just a few months earlier.

Now, he knew, heaven was talking to him.

We need more stories like this. I’m convinced many happen every day. Think of the news, people’s state of mind, if these stories were shared everyday.

I’m ready to give it a try. Who’s ready to join me ?