Avery labels are the number one labels used all over the United States. The 5160 is as far as I can tell the best selling label around. Thanks goodness these are self sticking labels so we avoid licking the yucky stuff we had to for years. Yucky stuff that a former secretary of mine told me held calories she didn’t need or want.

Labels are also used to describe “things” and even people.

Labels are put on out children and grandchildren early in life.

Pre-schoolers are labelled advanced or slow and placed in groups.

Those same children are labelled as nice or trouble makers.

Labels are attached with that peel off sticky stuff way to quick.

I laughed and then shook my head as sports writers labelled all the new Detroit Lions draft picks.

The writers have doomed these players before they ever get started with their professional careers.

Labels, negative labels oozed all over the sports page and television sports reports.

Take a look at what they said about Detroit’s draft picks round by round:


Round 1- Laken Tomlinson-Too intelligent (God forbid), will protect his hands (wants to be a surgeon AFTER football), too small (6feet4, 330 lbs)

Round 2 – Ameer Abdullah-Small hands, lacks “ideal” size

Round 3- Alex Carter- Lacks “ideal” ball skills

Round 4 – Gabe Wright- average height, short arms

Round 5- Michael Burton- Short arms, not “ideal” size

Round 6- Doesn’t have “elite” speed or “enough” size

Round 7- Corey Robinson- Inconsistent, questions about his work ethic and  “killer” instinct


With all these labels why any team would draft these men is in question.

Obviously they were darn near grown without arms and didn’t have parents who knew how to mix cells to accomplish “ideal” sons.

I’m not sure how they find the bathroom each day.

They are doomed and labelled way before training camp or the pre-season starts.


Can they walk and chew bubble-gum ?

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it ?

These labelling words are just like labels we use all day long.

Cute, ugly, dumb, smart, slick, sexy labels used all the time.

Negative labels are quickly applied and may stick for a life time.

Labels we use on family members, neighbors,  co-workers.

Labels we need to be more careful with.

Labels that are being used on us.

Labels that can hurt.

Labels we have to be very careful with.