Many of you have reminded me I haven’t been blogging as I have in the past and you are right.

I have been dealing with a couple family situations that continue, but I will be trying to post more often yet probably shorter posts.

All the posts won’t necessarily be teaching or coaching related, but I’ll do a better job of sharing some thoughts with you.

Any prayers or good thoughts for my family would be appreciated and accepted.


Quick update–Over the 4th of July holiday, I had a chance to spend some time with my family in Northern Michigan.

Getting out of the city and breathing some fresh “Up North” air sure felt good.

Some beach time, fishing off the dock with the grandkids, 9 holes of golf, a little woodcarving, traditional pre-fireworks putt-putt with the little guys, the  County fireworks show etc.–were long overdue.

Hopefully you and yours also had a chance to kick back.

Returning home returned the craziness  but…. it is home sweet home !

Talk again soon !