What does this title mean to you ?

Does it make you curious ?

Does it offend you ?

These were the favourite words of advice and a frequent challenge of Wes Mensing a special young golf coach.

Wes touched a lot of lives.

How he used “better the kingdom” may be different than how you or I would.

I know touching on anything Christian has become politically incorrect.

Frankly, I’m tired of this .

I won’t sit here and preach to you, that’s not my place.

Hiding behind closed doors to express my thoughts, my beliefs isn’t my place either.

If see more and more overlap with fundamental Christian beliefs every day.

Better the kingdom could easily been better your world, better your life, better your community and all of that would have been alright.

Society is ruining lives, ruining careers on semantics and it is shameful.

Watch the video in the link below