I am sitting here this afternoon after it snowed 4 inches, sleeted for 2 more hours and then rained until it felt like stopping.

I find myself laughing as I am typing this on my laptop while answering email on my I-pad and a text on my smart phone.

Hooked on technology ?? Ahhh-maybe.

I’m also a little po’d by all the horse-you know what… I am hearing lately.

People always complaining behind the scenes, behind someone’s back but won’t say “boo” when it counts.

Either they won’t be PC correct, are afraid someone wont like them, someone might challenge them or OMG being asked why you feel the way you do.

The majority of the folks just can’t handle this,

It doesn’t matter if this is a work setting, a family setting or at the bar.

Folks have no guts, no —– well you know !

Ok-balls ! I said it !

People need to find a way to state what they feel.


Deep down that is how they feel.

Now the challenge is how to communicate that to others.

With folks stuck on all the wireless contraptions they have forgotten how to talk.

If they do talk and some one disagrees they turn to anger and hate on any little thing.

They feel you MUST agree with everything they say and feel.

That is total B.S. !

We have to learn to how to disagree and live together.

I don’t agree 100 % with any of my good friends but we will argue, cuss, call each other a name or two and then be just fine.

This friendly argument, friendly debating is a lost art.

I call it communication.

You may agree to disagree.

You may learn something new and change you view. Sometimes your change is just a tad sometimes you do a 180.

New facts, misinformation, incomplete information can change your view.


I’m tired of no one talking.

Really people!

Really !

My A Leprechaun In Your Pocket Workbook was written for people, teams, groups to learn how to talk to one another.

Learn how to get PO’d at someone and still love them !

Society and you need to learn how to talk  or we will be in a bigger mess than we are right now.

It has to stop !

(PS If you want a copy of my workbook to help you and others “talk”, click on the link below to order your copy.)

Regardless if you order or copy or not. START Talking !