First and ten in football is something good, something desirable, something strived for,  a goal achieved.

I have suffered, yes I mean suffered through some ugly, ugly football with our local Detroit Lions & unfortunately University of Michigan football these last 8 years or so (maybe longer but I don’t have the stomach to go look!)

Both football programs are optimistic, have a new game plan, a new staff and I am sure anticipating new and better results .

The mind set from the water boys  to the head coaches is different.

Players are being trained to think different. To think better. To think like winners.

After ugly results, bad attitudes, lack of direction, I hope both programs are back.

Their thinking has shifted.

Their thinking has shifted.

Sounds simple. Right ?

If it is so simple, why do we as individuals or business owners get stuck in ugly results, bad attitudes, bad direction ?


I bet you wish you knew why.

Right ?

My question for you today is simple—— Is it time to shift your thinking ?

If it is, we have already said it was simple,  so—get started today !