One of the most misquoted expressions and in fact a Biblical quote is that “Money is the Root of All Evil”.

The root of this misquote is Timothy 6:10 which is properly quotes as “The LOVE of Money Is the Root of All Evil”.

Think of the number of times this original misquote in brought up in conversation as it was to me earlier this week.

If money were evil, $20 bills would be evil, your pay check would be evil, inheritance would be evil, giving or receiving money would be evil.

It would be time to give up Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, graduation gifts.

It would be time to give up your evil wallet !

No money, equals no hospitals being built, no water for third world countries, no way to pay doctors when ill, no green fee money (or side bets), no schools, no ice cream.

Money is good. Love of it–not so good.