Most of this kept me awake in the wee hours this morning. Lots of mental sugar plums I guess. Here is but a partial list:

Insight #1–It is easier to give than receive

Insight #2- “Thank-You” maybe has been removed from Mr. Webster ?

Insight #3- Gratitude is disappearing

Insight #4- Gratitude is no longer PC

Insight #5- Political B. S. left Facebook for 24 hours ! (Yeah !)

Insight #6- I needed a do nothing day , the day after Christmas

Insight #7- I will always need a do nothing day , the day after Christmas

Insight #8- Folks spent way to much on the gifts I received

Insight #9-My gifts were very cool !

Insight #10- I was recently called an ex-hippie. Part of that is true.

Insight #11- Sure missed a white Christmas this year.

Insight #12-Never heard John Lennon sing my favorite Christmas song this year

Insight #13- Plenty of bills to pay

Insight #14- I need to carve more

Insight #15- God is good

Insight #16- Life is good

Insight #17- The Christmas mess is the best mess of all!

Insight #18- We have no food in the house at all

Insight #19- Steve Yzerman should supply this insight

Insight #20- 2016 will be a pivotal year

Insight #21- Time for my family & friends to experience good health ! (me too !)


What would you like to add to this list ??