I recently heard a story that I thought was very moving and extraordinary.

The ending will surprise you but THE story is worth a couple minutes of your time.

Stay with me.

The story takes place in South Africa.

A white police officer was convicted of killing and then burning a young black teenager.

Years later, the same officer returned to the teenager’s home and beat, bound and  burned his father to death.

He was convicted of this murder also.

After the conviction, the judge turns to the wife, mother and asks how justice should be done to the man who brutally destroyed her family.

This women, a Christian women, asked for three things:

1) She wanted to be taken to the place her husband had been burned so she could gather some dust and give him a decent burial.

2) She wanted the police officer to become her “son” as she no longer had any family.  She wanted him required to visit her for a day twice a month so she could pour out her love that was still remaining.

3) She wanted the police officer to know she forgave him and wanted to hug him and tell him she forgave him .

Remarkable isn’t it??

I couldn’t do it !

How about you?

By the way, the police officer fainted as he crossed the courtroom for his hug !