Dont You Quit

$ 14.95

Rest If You Must But Don’t You Quit!
By Vic Johnson & Doug Evans & Champions From Around The World



Don’t you quit? My God, how many times over the years have I wanted to. I also will be willing to bet you are no different.
You have wanted to quit.  Admit it. It’s ok.
I know that I am not as talented or educated as many folks out there but…I do know that have more endurance than most people. I have learned how to get knocked down, way too many times, and get back up.
The secret? Outlast the challenges that are tossed at you. Keep fighting and show super strength to prove your own determination.
The stories in this book will blow you away.
Each and every one is a mega dose of inspiration.
The story I share is about someone, I know and admire. A Metro Detroit business owner who is a friend. A very special person whose story needed to be told.
I could share a name, but, it will be better for you to read and discover the facts on your own.
You might need a Kleenex or two when you are done.
If you ever wanted to quit or maybe one time or more did, this book is for you.
Powerful stories will empower you to change any challenge you now have or will encounter in the future.
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Rest if you must, but Don’t You Quit !


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