Doug Evans has a huge passion for helping other people achieve their dreams. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Doug for the last four years and I’ve watched him become a great Mastermind leader and teacher of the universal principles of success. He’s a tremendous encourager who can coach you to your biggest dreams
Vic Johnson, Founder, AsAManThinketh.net

Let me start by saying you are making the right decision. Working with Doug over the last 2+ years has grown me personally as well as my business. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to work with Doug and achieve all of your desired results. You see, most coaches specialize in one area which is great, but you get more with Doug Evans. Doug is able to assist you to excel in life as well as in business. His skill set and knowledge in the business world are unsurpassed and most importantly to me are down to earth. Doug will take his “Masters” knowledge in business and put it into simplistic language to allow you to succeed, step by step. Doug’s knowledge and experience in personal development is impressive as well. Has worked with some of the best in business and is now becoming one of them himself. I know you will be thanking him just as I do every time I speak with him for the great return on investment.
Dr. Derek T Baron, www.dailiyinsightsandintentions.com

I have had the privilege of working closely with Doug Evans for the past year, and I am very impressed with his mentoring and coaching skills. If you are serious about making lasting changes in your life, and getting on the right track to accomplish your goals, I strongly recommend that you participate in his coaching programs. You will love the result!
Richard B.Evans,Author,”Great Habits”

Doug has been an inspiration to me and has allowed me to see and excel in my good qualities as well as gently presenting those which I need to improve on and helping me with the skills needed to improve on those. He is genuinely interested my success and always goes the extra mile. I have seen my sales grow as a result my association with him and I high recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their business
Glenda Feilen, Attraction In Action

I have worked with Doug for several years now and he has helped me in many ways. He has helped me achieve my goals and stay on track. His suggestions are great and thoughtful, he is very capable in his work and I really appreciate his suggestions. I was reluctant to have a coach, I believed that I really did not need one; I could do it all myself. Doug will help you spend your time more efficiently and his suggestions will really help your business grow. I find that Doug is well versed in many areas and he is always learning new techniques that will help. I encourage you to sign up for a year with Doug. It will be money well spent. YOU WILL HAVE SUCCESS WITH DOUG !
John M Adams, Enosburg Falls, VT

I’ve known Doug Evans for just over two years now, and have found him to be one of the most creative, sincere individuals I’ve ever known. As a business coach, He takes the time to really understand the situation before making any suggestions. Not only does he spend time up front gathering facts, he continually verifies information throughout the process, making certain his analysis is on target. For Doug, it’s not just about problem solving, but also understanding why, to lessen the chance of reoccurrence. Although Doug is sensitive to the other person’s feelings; he doesn’t hesitate to point out procrastination, resistance, self-sabotage, and other barriers to success. He won’t leave you stranded, though. He’s right there to suggest tools for overcoming these self-defeating behaviors, hold you accountable, and to give praise where praise is due. Doug is a veritable fountain of good ideas; in fact I’m not sure the man even sleeps! He can produce a plethora of new ideas shortly after you’re certain the supply has been exhausted. He has an ability to see every situation with such creativity, I for one, want to peek under the hood to see where this inspiration comes from! I’ve never known anyone with this level of creative genius. I’ve seen him sit in a meeting and roll out idea after idea, on a host of different topics, like a Gatling gun. Each idea is as original as the first; and all, or nearly all, are beneficial and practical. With Doug Evans in your corner, victory is certain.
Charla Chenoweth-Swift, MSW,www.dodgehousehotel.com

I’ve been in business for many years and made millions of dollars during that time. I lost everything five years ago to a bankruptcy and have been broke since. I am just about to turn the corner again, but would have given up a long time ago if it wasn’t for the coaching and guidance from Doug Evans. Doug talks to you in a way that I am able to understand and relate too. He helps me to refocus when I get side tracked.
Bill Knofsky, Wholley Molley’s Commercial Baker

An inspiration and voice of reason. A true leader and motivator. Dealing with Doug always gave me the insight and determination to complete whatever needed doing. I was truly amazed at how he could ask just the right question to unveil the true nature beneath the surface of whatever challenge presented itself. Listen to this man, you can’t go wrong.”
Bill Loyd, www.ChampionshipClosing.com

I met Doug and his wife through a business affiliate that we are both  associated with. He is one of those people who have a wealth of  Creative ability. Doug is Brilliant when it comes to ideas for problem solving.  You could compare him to a river—-the ideas just flow out of him.  One important gift Doug has is to make situations in life fun. He makes me laugh and that is so important in today’s stressful society.  If you are looking for someone who is very caring, will listen to you,  and then help you find a solution, Doug is your man.  I AM BLESSED TO CALL HIM MY FRIEND!
Deb “HONEY” Howsare, Champion’s Club

Doug Evans and his coaching are 2 things I recommend. He is a great person to help you take your life to the next level.
Brian Litman