With all the stress and the constant feeling of overwhelm, everyone needs to get away. Vacations are fantastic, but when they aren’t possible a few days here and there sure help. I know I need a minimum of three days to unwind.

Two days helps but isn’t enough.

The cycle of “Oh Crap” kicks in about the end of day 3 if you have been truly relaxing, the mind relaxes and the sub-conscious kicks in automatically. You probably let out a big “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” or something similar. If you keep reflecting , fresh thoughts enter. Often it is projects, promises, commitments you made awhile back  but totally forgot. We dive for a notepad or a journal before we forget once again. If we are honest a “tad” of stress kicks in. Sometimes, a lot of stress kicks in.

While we are relaxing or trying to, more stuff we must tackle is remembered.

Stuff we might have to jump back into as soon as we can.

We unload a bunch of crap by getting away but we always reload at least a little.

Knowing this will happen and accepting it will happen, softens the blow and reduces the volume of the “Oh Crap” we yell.

It’s life, like it or not so be ready to reload just be gentle when you do !