My son-in-law Scott & I were just talking about evil. What is it, what power does it have, does it exist and is it real.

We also talked about evil may be the force, the thing that grabs you when all things seem wrong & dark in life.

Times when you are spinning out of control and spinning in all the wrong directions.

Can evil explain things ? I think it can.

I think it exists. At times, it may be the only explanation.

Webster defines evil as “profoundly immoral” or “the absence of good”.

To me, this just defines the 6 & 11 o’clock news.

It may be the explanation for what happened in Dallas, why our Presidential choice is laughable, the twin towers, and the tainted and twisted views the media shouts at us each and every day.

Believe it or don’t . But, God blessing America in my eyes, is still a very good thing !