Maybe this should be a new weekly post so you can all sound off ?

Let me know !


I know this week I contacted a HUGE cable company for customer service, didn’t push one for English and talked to someone trying to speak English  to me. My God, what a struggle. Twenty minutes later, they waived charging me for their equipment that crapped out and prevented me from using a TV for almost 3 weeks. What sweethearts !

Next, one of my credit card companies had me on hold for a half hour. Geez–what fun ! I called to let them know I had a bill due but never received it in the mail. Six representatives assured me they mailed it BUT the first 5 told me I could not pay my bill unless I had a bill ! The account number was not enough information for their billing system . It would take 10-14 business days to get me a copy (no email or fax allowed) and of course they would not waive finance charges or interest. It is my responsibility to ensure a better U.S. Postal system.

Four (now 5 ?) Marines shot, killed and we hear from DC-maybe we’ll look into it. Other folks killed and we riot & play politics on the news for days/weeks. They’ll be investigating what flags were flying in the neighborhood. (Tip- Quick put a flag up for whatever group or cause is getting your panties in a bunch ! )

At the “Open ” golf balls can’t even stay in one spot on the green so play is called. Heck my Grandkids have a cure for that—one continual stroke !

Geeeez !

OK , I’ll stop—over and out !