We all know the four seasons of the year and depending on where you live in the world, you know what type of weather to anticipate.

Right ?

I’d argue that premise a little bit as I live in Michigan and we often see the weather of all four season in just one day !

We really do !

Besides crazy weather, we also know the seasons of our life follow these same four seasons.

Our lives seem to follow a pattern.

Starting and ending dates or not as predictable, but the seasons are there.

Summer is when everything is going our way. We are in a fantastic zone and we don’t want it to end.

Slowly and at times quickly, Fall sets in.

A few small challenges or problems creep into out lives. Something changes about our business, our home life, our job or business.

Frequently these little problems mount up and we enter Winter.

For us in the North, things get cold, dark, uncomfortable.

“Stuff” piles up . Nothing seems to be right. We struggle. We complain. We don’t like it.

Then, we wake up one morning and the sun is out, the birds are chirping and we feel just a little better.

Our problems start to fly away on their own or we solve challenges that were holding us back.

We start to feel better, then we feel good !

Summer has arrived !

Finally !

We get excited and hope and wish the pattern doesn’t bring back Fall.

We know it will, so we need to recognize what is going on .

We need to be ready. We need to accept. We need to maximize our Summers, minimize our Winters and enjoy the Fall and Springs of our lives.