I’m shocked that many people and some of the most famous news anchors on television think business owners are all criminals.
Business owners were once looked up to by everyone.

They were role models.

They were signs of success

They were proof the “American” system was working. I’ll even be brave and say they were symbols of capitalism in its finest.

Now a days, I don’t know how the hell business owners can sleep at night.

Big Fortune 500 companies have been attacked for years.

They have been accused of political favors, making unreasonable profits, engaging in illegal activities and practices and more.

I’m sure some of this indeed is true, but now the attacks are on the businesses I have worked with for over 40 years. Now all of a sudden mid-sized businesses, the Tier 1, Tier2 auto suppliers and doctors here in Detroit, small retail shops, service organizations all the way down to a Mom and Pop business are being attacked.

I think if the old TV hit, Happy Days, was still on TV, they would go after good ‘ol “Mr. C.” for a public lynching! (Fonzie, I’m sure, would never approve!)

The media accuses these local business owners of Capitalism like it is a disease.
Socialism is whispered as the right path for these owners but usually won’t be publicly acknowledged. Communism to some is the right way to run any business. An owner, company president, should never make no more than his/her workers.

Mom and Pop businesses are now “evil”.

Business owners have fingers pointed at them declaring they are misguided and practice “moneyism”. They are even accused of “happyism”. How dare they own a business, work hard, make money and be happy!

If you as business owner, take home more than the minimum wage, or a penny more than an hourly worker, you are greedy and evil. Heck you are anti-American. The government should shut you down ! You are a criminal ! You are what is wrong in America. You are why jobs are hard to find.

With this attitude that gets all the media attention, Washington telling you how uncool you are, your neighbors looking for an agency to turn you into, why would you want to own a Mom and Pop business ? Why would anyone want to be in business?

You may ask, as a business owner, how do you survive month to month, week to week, day to day?

To survive you need to take some specific action.

You already are working your tail off. You are bucking the system. You have a dream. You have a vision and you are chasing it with all you got. Yet, you need to do, just a little more.

You need to follow these two secrets and you will be ok. Heck, you will be way better than ok !

The two secrets are:

1) Shut off the noise. Shut the TV off. It is only propaganda to mess with your head. Newspapers , same thing-ignore them !

2) Figure out what YOU really want. What do you want to do? What is your dream? What value are you or do you want to bring to this world. What will your legacy be ??

This all takes a bunch of thinking, a bunch of reflecting. Sometimes it can be tough. I work with a lot of people just helping them to figure their value, their legacy. It is rewarding for them. It really is. It brings peace. It brings purpose.

Work on those two secrets.

You have to, in today’s challenging and changing times. It is work but so, so important !

While you are working on this, remember the 7 principles that the media, the government, those “experts”, those “smart guys don’t want you to know. Here they are:

1) Your money, your future, you thinking does not have to come from the government. You can think and take action on your own to shape your future.

2) It is ok, that you take a vacation. Vacations are not the work of some dark force !

3) You may spend the money you earn. You can spend it any da*n way you want to!

4) It is ok to invest your money. You may plan for your future. Money invested is not a terrible thing.

5) You may save some money at the end of the week, the end of the month. Not living pay check to pay check is just fine. Savings for emergencies, tough times is not anti-American.

6) You can smile while working. You can like what you are doing. You may still feel fulfilled. You can feel gratitude. Heck, you can even tell others how blessed you are!

7) You may have fun at work. You can goof around, you can laugh. You can enjoy your work, your customers, and your clients! ( I won’t tell !)

“To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing!” -Robert Gates