It’s time  to recognize those folks that made a big impact last week. Remember you can nominate people to be recognized . Let me know their names and why you think they are a star and we’ll put them in the BIG hat and let the judges decide !

This week’s stars !

1) Mary Ann Evans, my wife and best friend. Mary Ann survived 37 years of marriage with me this week. She has been a “star” for years and it is only fitting I recognize her. Love ya babe !

2) Chris Widener-I have been talking and working with Chris on a few things and his style, his integrity, his knowledge on leadership have been a big help of late. Find out more about Chris at: His books are also outstanding !

3) Floyd Rhadigan-old time carving buddy. Floyd is super carver light years ahead of me and currently the President of the Caricature Carvers of America. Sitting down a spell with Floyd always  helps me get my head where it should be. Floyd’s carving site is: Collectors and anyone needing a good smile–check this out !

Three Biggies for this week–bang your sticks on the ice !!