Last week we announced that weekly the Missing Power, Doug Evans 3 Stars of the week would be selected . These are 3 people that had a BIG impact on my life or other lives this past week. They were the week’s Super Stars. They are in no particular order or ranking yet they all deserve all the hats on the ice they can collect !

Here are this week’s 3 stars:

1) Bob Proctor-Many of you know Bob. I have studied Bob’s teachings for years, been in several of his coaching programs and had the pleasure of working one on one with Bob. No doubt he is one of my biggest mentors. I was listening to some of Bob’s teaching in a quick 6 minute program last week ( and it helped get my head back in the game. Check out Bob’s Six Minute program if you can spare just 6 minutes each day. Bob is one of the top teachers out there ! Thanks Bob !

2) Derek Freund-Director of the Southeastern Michigan Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle. Derek lead our group and offered some great marketing tips and techniques any can use. His experience let’s everyone go home with a “nugget” or two of critical information to help their business grow and expand. More info on Derek at

3) Harrison Painter–Social media guru. Harrison every time I turn around he has expanded with a new idea and new concept to share out there. Check his latest new hot idea at but do a google search on Harrison because there is a lot more going on that you will want to know more about.

Pound your sticks to the ice for this week’s stars !