Those of you who know me have known for years the hockey fanatic I am. I would watch pond hockey in very unusual places and lose too much sleep during Red Wing playoff runs. I watched Woodstock & Snoopy play hockey long before most folks figures out what they were doing.

Pro hockey games end with a 3 star selection. They represent the 3 players that had the biggest impact on the game. The “first” star was “the” player that game, the second star if you will is second place followed by the third star–I think you get it.

A local sports station here in Detroit awards the 3 stars for sports figures the past week.

This gave me an idea.

I will for awhile award the top 3 stars that had an impact on my life for the past week . I suggest you all award each week the 3 stars in your life. The thoughts, the reflections will keep you thinking, hopefully help you find some gratitude and “nudge’ you into keeping your life in balance.

My 3 stars each week will be in no particular order–that would be too tough. My stars may overlap with your and they may not.

I’d love to hear from you about the stars in your life. Maybe with permission, we’ll print a few every now and then, but only with permission.

Ok, here we go for the first ever Missing Power, Doug Evans 3 star selections for last week .

1) Brady Hoke–The University of Michigan new football coach. Brady is the exact opposite of RichRod who just didn’t fit here anywhere in Michigan. A nice guy, probably a good football coach but a bad, bad fit. Brady is a “Michigan” man, likes tradition in the program, WANTED the job in his heart, wants character & respect (imagine that !) & a whole lot more. He pounded his fist and talked about that school in Ohio . He teared up about leaving the young men he had grown so close to. Welcome Coach Hoke !

2) Father Tim Whelan-Orchard lake St. Mary’s. I attended a Mass Father Whelan had this past weekend and heard him preach for the first time. He kept me engaged and nodding my head in a good way as he spoke. A spiritual connection that doesn’t happen for me that often.

3) My sister Kathy. Kathy is a NP at a local hospital and works way too many hours and doesn’t do it for money or kudos . She works so hard as she is so compassionate and has a calling to help as many patents as possible. She has a huge heart that not many realize or appreciate.

Hats off to this week’s 3 stars !