Another great group takes center ice to be recognized !

Here are this week’s stars !

1) Coach John Daly, Macomb, Michigan. John works hard to help teenagers learn what schools now a days refuse to teach. Common sense, reasoning, thinking for themselves, values & responsibility. John is almost a lone warrior in the school systems today. Keep up the fight John and tell us how to help !

2) Jack Day, Member Detroit based Barber Shop Quartet . Jack and his group deliver old fashion singing Valentine’s with a long stem rose and a box of candy. Their talent, their concept puts the smiles on a bunch of important women each year ! (plus they took good care of my wife Mary Ann !)

3) Will Hayden, Vancouver, WA, woodcarver, Emeritus member of the Caricature Carvers of America. Will is a talented carver who has more health problems than he would want me to mention but never complains, is always upbeat, carvers 90 MPH per day and is always trying to help fellow carvers and any non-profit group.

Join me and bang your sticks on the ice for this week’s stars !