Less than 30 days and 2009 is over. Gone !

It is also the start of the Christmas season, the Holiday season when darn near all of us are running from one party to another, visiting relatives, shopping, decorating you name it.

I’m with you, I’m doing the same thing.

While we are out enjoying as we should we also have to spend the time, exert the effort, take the action to finish 2009 strong. We still have time to accomplish those goals for 2009 we all set last year.

It’s also time for us to reflect back on 2009 and see all we did and yes, what we did not do. It also critical we reward and acknowledge what we accomplished . It is equally important we don’t beat ourselves up for what we didn’t accomplish. It’s a time of reflection. A time to analyze what we can learn from the year and to reflect on our growth.

BUT………… it is also time to start our planning for 2010. We need to take time to dream, reflect, plan, set goals and be ready to take off January 1st totally planned, totally geeked !!

If you need help, don’t know how, need to be held accountable, need a cheerleader , that’s why we are here. Contact me at the e-mail address below to get started .

It’s time for something to change in your life in 2010 besides the year on the calendar.

Every time you see calendar , let in remind you that 2010 is your year and you need to dream, take action, have faith and make it happen !!

Doug Evans