The NHL maybe off to a slow schedule especially the Detroit Red Wings, but not this week’s superstars !

1) Terry Bean–author, speaker , connector, cofounder of Motor City Connect (and more) . Terry is always looking for ways to help othesr connect with one another and to promote the Greater Detroit Area anyway he can ! Check this out

2) Marcia Berkall, a great woodcarver from Maine–lots of collectible shoreline carvings and Santas in museums and galleries all over the U.S. Marcia (Mush to her friends) is always trying to help other her fellow woodcarvers anyway she can. She helped me out on a project in a big way last week and I appreciate it. Take a peek at some of her fine work.

3) Steve “Weavie” Vitale –musician and more all over Detroit. Steve has great talent and is always helping out the community. Steve has a great contagious view on life. Steve has a few wearables and more. Find out more right here ¬†


Bang those sticks on the ice ! Harder !! Great stars this week !