This last week all we hear about is the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. A wacko goes on a killing spree and the media and public are looking for someone to blame.

I have heard those that blame the movie producers for making a violent film, I have heard that emphasis of good vs. evil in society today may have triggered something.

The Government has been blamed for loaning the killer money; Cinemark Theatres have been blamed for not have an anti-wacko killing spree policy in place.

Some feel “stress’ is the reason and society put undue pressure on this young man and on and on.

I’m not sure why we have to find someone to blame other than it makes many feel better.

We dismiss this is an isolated wacko nut job who just flipped out. There must be a deep profound reason.

We don’t want to place blame on the killer because that is too mean and isolated of an opinion.

Society now doesn’t want winner and losers, they want “participants”.

I think society is so busy, Moms Dads are too busy, and most everyone is working so hard, is so busy that values get pushed aside.

This really bothers me and I see it every day.

Thank God it is on a smaller scale than we saw in Colorado.

What can we do to improve this?

I don’t really know for sure but I have some ideas.

Every person, every household, every school, every church, every community has to want and commit to bringing back the values that once were so common.

Life has to be adjusted to make time for these values.

These values must be “top of mind” at all times and other daily activities worked around these values.

This daily living philosophy we are so lacking today was one of the main reasons; I decided to write my book, A Leprechaun in Your Pocket.

I want to help bring back values like love, friendship, family, God, laughter, gratitude and enjoying life.

I wanted to provide a tool so these virtues could be “top of mind” every day.

We need a reminder.

This book is your reminder.

It’s my reminder as much as it is yours.

I know this isn’t a popular viewpoint with some folks out there, but, I’m betting most of you in your hearts agree with me.

I’d love for you to buy a copy of my book but, if do or don’t, what I really wish is that you take the values our society is greatly missing and do your part in a movement to slow down, reflect and bring back the values of love, friendship, family, God, laughter, gratitude and enjoying life to your family and your home.

Please take some action.

Take a small step or dive right in.

Don’t read this, nod your head and change nothing.

There are too many spectators out there.

We need some leaders in action to bring about renewed values.

Do something and then have pride and let us know what you did.

I want to hear about the great things you are doing or leading in your community.

I want to help you change your life.

I’m proud of you and am here to help anyway I can.

Let me know how you are making an impact !