I have lead and worked with goal accountability groups for many years. When the weather starts to turn nice–goals slip. I see this in the North, Midwest and yes the South and West where you could argue the weather is always nice.

Most everyone will agree that the weather is NICER starting right about now.

People start to enjoy outdoor activities for themselves and with their families. When this happens goals start to slip and maybe disappear until the next negative event wakes folks up and they look towards change.

Why does this happen ??

1) POOR THINKING -people let go of their ideas, actions, directions because they don’t refocus on their goals daily. Maybe you need to refocus- MANY TIMES A DAY. Keep what is important in front of your face and in your mind all the time. If you loose focus, start to doubt yourself, start to give into fears — it will get ugly. Results, Actions, Feeling, Thoughts all become a mess. Like any great athlete –keep your head in the game –all the time !

2) YOUR DREAM IS TOO SMALL – with the right dream it will drive you day and night. If it doesn’t occupy your thoughts darn near every minute, your dream is too small and it isn’t the right dream for you. Get excited ! Dream BIG dreams and get excited again!! When you stat having trouble sleeping because you are so, so fired up, you know you are close !

3) YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR WHY – you have to know WHY you have that big dream. What will it allow you to do, how will you feel once you have followed that dream, what is out there that you want to feel each and every day in your heart ? Why does it deserve your time, energy, and a big, big piece of your heart ??

4) KNOWING WHAT YOU REALLY WANT ! – are you chasing your dream or the dream of your parents, your spouse, your bosses or maybe a spiritual leader. Your dream must only be YOUR dream. Let no one put it there for you. Listen to all ideas, suggestions, encouragements but YOU and ONLY YOU put it in your heart!

5) HABITS– often we have to change to achieve our dreams–especially a new dream. We all get comfortable with our routine life– what many call SOSDD–you know what I mean ! Changing our habits is work. It’s tough and it’s easy. It all depends on how much you really, really want change and want your dream.

Enjoy the Spring weather. Enjoy chasing your dream. Enjoy becoming a new you–but–don’t ease up or give up. Work hard but work from the heart
each and every day.

If you slip, let it be for hours or maybe a day but nothing more than that. WE all have a little slippage but the secret is bouncing back and bouncing back quickly !

You are the best !! Do it !