Many people like yourself are constantly looking for ways to grow and improve their businesses. Here are 6 great ideas to implement to kick start whatever master plan you are currently operating under.

1) Clearly identify what your dream client/customer would look like.- Spend a lot of time and energy really thinking this out in great detail. Be able to identify what they look like,smell like, behave like and know their desires, turn ons and turn offs.

2) Start Marketing- Know that you really are in two businesses, finding/cultivating your customers and the delivering your product or service. Way too many people only spend “left over” time and ” left over” dollars on marketing. This is a HUGE mistake !

3) Find your time vampires. — Closely study your time for a minimum one week (3 weeks are better) and see how you waste time and fill your day with many, many tasks that can easily be delegated to someone else. If your staff is small or already overloaded, hire contractors to help. They are out there and at a reasonable price.

4) Face Your Fears- Stop overthinking what could go wrong with everything you know you should be doing and start think what you’ll do when it all works just the way you want it to !

5) Take action–even a small step. Make a phone call, start that sales letter, face that customer that everyone tries to avoid when they call, hire a new employee, fire the one you have hung onto way to long, hire a coach, start your social media campaign, go back to school. Get off the biggest Island on the world–Someday Isle !

6) Believe- believe in yourself, your employees, your business plan, your product, your cause, and your abilities. Stop the second guessing game and relax into a spirit of belief !