When the economy went down the toilet in 2008 especially here in Detroit, daily business practices were thrown in a loop.

How folks look at business became out an out ugly.

Dog eat dog.

Maybe even dog screw the other dog.

Ethics became a dirty word vs. a respected way of doing business.

History, past dealings. IOU’s went away.

There no longer was “friendly” competition.

Black markets, bribes, payoffs went haywire.

Thank God, I avoided all that nonsense.

None of my clients went that far.

Many people wanted to survive and would do anything to feed their families.

I saw clients of mine with the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome.

Good clients became ones to run from.

The clients that were with us in 2008/2009 cut special deals with many different businesses.

Today, these deals are no longer fair.

The businesses that are still around are making money but don’t want any type of price increases.

Now they are greedy !

There are no thank yous for staying with us, helping us, understanding our situation.

These are the accounts that tolerate you and don’t celebrate you.

They are energy drainers.

You need to be tough and renegotiate your prices or let them go.

Letting them go is tough.

Maybe you can’t let then go.

If you can’t you let go, you MUST better structure your pricing with any new business.

Don’t stay stuck in years gone by.

Your talents are worthy of a price that reflects those talents.

If you can’t work and make money, go to the beach, play some golf, read a good book.

For once, I’ll even let you sit in front of the television but…… don’t work for free.

Know what your time or product is worth and pursue strategies that will honor that value.

Stay away from ugly business.

You deserve a lot better !