Just the other day, I wrote an article for an Irish publication about gratitude and everything we take for granted.

The article talk about how we all take too much of our daily lives for granted. It talked about the importance of giving thanks on a regular basis for blessings in our lives both big and small. It talked about how ideally we should give thanks on a daily basis.

Then BAM !! It happened. Two days after I wrote this article my mother-in-law was having extreme stomach pain and couldn’t breath.

My wife called 911-I changed my route two blocks from the office and headed to St. John’s Hospital in Detroit.

We found out that Mom’s heath isn’t as good as we took for granted. The dance recital, the birthday party for my granddaughter we were all planning on attending, just wasn’t going to work out.

It was time to take care of Mom. We assumed (took for granted) that Mom was in good health.

We assume our daily and weekly plans will just happen.

It’s automatic isn’t it ?

You see how my schedule was changed in an instant.

You see how Mom’s schedule was changed in an instant.

Hey, I know I’m not alone–this has happened to you.

Before something like this happens to you again you need to make some changes.

Ask yourself, what are you taking for granted each and every day ?? What do you need to honor or whom do you need to honor with thanks, with gratitude that is so, so deserved and long overdue.

Give thanks for theses things. It’s what life is all about !