Business owners I work with are either happy as hell that they are a one man, one woman show or are so overwhelmed they are going nuts.

As a sole owner, management is efficient . One person to decide and away we go. No fights and you control the good and the bad of your ultimate destiny.

Other business owners stay stuck in the OMG mode as they feel buried in overwhelm. They shutter at being all alone. They hope the reinforcements show up any minute.

If you are stuck in the land of overwhelm, consider the following and calm down:

1) Illness- you will get sick from time to time. When you are sick you will tough it out or shut down for a day or two. You are human. Take care of yourself but know you too will need a sick day or deal with family emergencies. Plan on it. Plan for it !

2) Ideas-you will need a bunch. What do you do when you run out of ideas or need someone to bounce ideas off of ? Well you can lean on family or friends . They may or may not have the expertise you need or want. You may have some issues that are confidential and don’t want to share with family and friends. Maybe you have mentor or can form a relationship with one. This is a good idea but frequently tough to line up. You can also hire a coach or consultant. I work with business owners all the time helping with new ideas, planning and as a sounding board for frustrated owners. Often this is what sole owners need and love.

3) Long hours- Maybe the most frequent complaint. I have to do it all. Well….. yes and no. You may have no employees but there are temp companies out there to help, staffing companies, or subcontractors you can hire for a specific task or job.

4) Can’t get away-It often is tough to do but it has to be done. Time away refreshes you and helps you shake out the cobwebs so can THINK clearly. Find a way to get away. Get away during your slow time or take a few shorter trips. Most of all, find away to get away. It’s important for your health, family and business.

5) Can’t make everyone happy-If you do, it is the quickest way of going out of business. Try your best but establish your boundaries. I still recall a potential new client who only wanted appointments with me Sunday nights after 11 PM and was very upset when I would not book one. He told me he was a busy man. I’ll bet he wanted a discount on my services for not booking between 9 and 5 also !

6) Weather the storm-Crap is going to happen. Customers will get upset. You will get upset. Long hours will kick in. You will feel overwhelm. If it gets too bad, refer to #4 above !

Remember you do have options and you are not alone !