Lately, it seems I see more and more apathy. Day in. Day Out.

Folks walk in fog. The seem to have no fire, no direction.

I’m concerned. Even worried.

Webster defines apathy as a lack of feeling, a lack of emotiom, lack of interest, a lack of concern.

Are we getting warm ?

Synonyms that stood out to me were phlegm(?), coldness, deadness.

That is how some people seem to be going through the motions of life.

How sad.

Everyone wants to make everyone happy all the time. Don’t step on toes.Don’t have an opinion. Don’t be informed –follow the masses. Muddle along. Follow don’t lead. Be politically correct all the time. Follow. No winners. No losers.

Don’t speak up.

Don’t give a rat’s–you know what!

It’s beyond time to wake up. We need leaders. Leaders that are gone. No one wants to lead. No one wants the better good. It’s go for personal gain or be a zombie. Never do what is right. How did society get here ?

Isn’t it time to get off your butt and be heard ?

Isn’t it time to take a stance and have an independent viewpoint ?

Hasn’t politically correct gone overboard ?

It’s time for a change.

I’ll do my part but we all need your help to do your part.

Have some guts.

Apathy is from the Greek word “pathos.” I had that part figured out before Mr. Webster helped out.

Pathos meaning —emotion.

It’s time for emotion. Get out your can of zombie spray.

Make the zombies go away in your heart, home, family, community, your country !!

Who is with me ??