Does this sound like you -disenchanted, overwhelmed, frazzled ?

Can you see your picture next to all of these words ?

Do you feel this way now ?

How frequently does this aura overtake you ?

How often does it stop by for a visit ?

Ever been ready to cry or maybe you have ?

Maybe you are crying as you read this ?

What are you doing to solve this ?

How do you prevent these feelings from coming.

Overtaking you ?

How is it influencing your work, your spouse, your children, your friends?

Are you maybe drinking just a tad too much or maybe a tad too often?

Are you hiding ? Are you withdrawing?

Are you tired of all these ugly feelings and the ugly results that seem to follow you ?

All of these feelings can attack anyone. They can be severe enough to shut you
down or bad enough so you constantly or frequently live in a funk.

If any of this sounds like you, or someone you know and love, you need and deserve some help.

These are the type of people, I often work with.

They may be CEO’s of a large Corporation, an owner of a “Mom and Pop” business, a school teacher, a stay at home Mom. This can affect anyone and most people feel it at some time in their lives.

If you felt some sadness, some pain, maybe a little depression as you were reading this, you need to find someone to help you through these dark times. Don’t try to be a hero and try to do it all on your own.

Find someone to lend a hand. I’m here to help and would love to but there are others. I want you to smile again.

Dream again.

Be happy again.

To have healthy relationships.

Be productive at work.

Be able to enjoy your children and your children enjoy being with you.

Be brave. Get some help.

You your family, your spouse, your kids but most of all YOU will be glad you did !