Business owners could always work 24/7. Right ?

There is always something to do.

It takes discipline to know when work ends and your personal life begins.

With modern technology it is even tougher.

Clients call our cell phones, text us, goggle our home phone numbers, and email constantly.

Most expect an instant response to their message.

Today was the final day to file your personal taxes on an extension for tax returns that were originally due April 15th.

We had clients in my CPA practice, who dropped off information last Thursday late in the day. They then provided us final answers to our questions to complete their taxes this afternoon. Then they were  upset they could not wait to pick up their information until after the Tiger game tonight ( after 9PM). That would be more convenient for them.

We all want to help and be of service to our customers and clients but where does “of service” and unreasonable begin and end.

When do you, when working at home, shut off work and call it a day ?

What is “of service” ?

I had a meeting today across town that required and hour and twenty meeting drive only to find out the meeting was cancelled. No one called, texted or emailed to tell me. They have all that information. They contacted me over 5 times to be sure I would attend the meeting.

Was this “of service’?

Besides the hour and twenty minute drive there, it took me over an hour to drive home.

Two and a half hours totally wasted !

PO’d you bet ! There is no excuse for this treatment. Respect was lost.

Will it ever be regained ?

When work ends for a business owner and personal time begins is up to everyone.

There is no secret answer or formula.

Be sure to identify and communicate your boundaries to your customers, clients, employees and family.

At times you may have to be a little flexible.

Just be sure a little flexible is not used and abused.

Someone once said we work to live not live to work.

Somewhere in that quote is the answer !