If you are, what are you going to do about it ???

If you are not , how well do you bounce back on those pain in the butt days ??

You get up one morning late, spill your morning coffee, have a early “discussion” (yeah one of those !) with your spouse, the computer won’t boot, you burn the toast, can’t find any clean clothes, and get stuck in a construction zone.

Ever been there ?

I have been– way too many times . I could go in a “funk” for hours . In dark times a day maybe two.

To stay focused it takes work. There is no magic wand to wave for the secret instant fix.

So what do you do ??

Here are a few ideas:

1) Breath–slow down, reflect . Know this is temporary. Know it will pass.
2) Find a corner for 15 minutes and listen to you favorite relaxing music .
3) Read from a book that will help your beliefs. A book that will reinforce and remind you how special you truly are.
4) Exercise . Go for a good run and get PO’d at a very heavy barbell or two !
5) Call a cheerleader in your life. Vent/share and get back on track.
6) Read or listen to affirmations that you develop over time and keep them in your purse, pocket or brief case for easy access.

I’ve used these all and many more. They work !

Find out what works best for you !