Small business owners , folks who can arrange to work at home a day or two a week, solopreneurs have challenges that just weren’t faced by past generations.

Working at home has many advantages but also exposes you to some pitfalls that can’t be ignored.

Working in your PJs (or less- may be comfy but….

but.. requires some self control and that not so common sense.

A little personal hygiene may be required.

Family members friends often don’t understand this working at home “thing”.

As you work at home, running your business, striving to make money you hear things like “while you are home, why don’t you pick up the dry cleaning, run Sally’s forgotten notebook up to school and take Mom to her doctors appointment.” “Heck, you are already home.”

Maybe you could vacuum, trim the shrubs, and get started cleaning up the guest room for your sister visiting this weekend.

Without any help from anyone, you are tempted to cut the grass before it rains tomorrow (my biggest temptation in the old days), finish watching the movie you fell asleep watching last night or maybe sneak out for a quick 9 holes.

PJs at 6 AM when you get started should be changed by 6 PM dinner. Five full days in your PJs gets a little stinky and gross.

I know someone who darn near did this. No shower, no shaving for days. His wife was not a happy camper.(side note–NOT me !)

People need to understand you are WORKING at home NOT goofing off.

You are trying to somehow expand your business.

You are doing simple stuff like making more money, finding new accounts, establishing your branding or help yourself grow the talents you bring to the marketplace.

Treat working at home just like a traditional job. If you must run errand or do some chores do it on your lunch hour .

Be disciplined.

Don’t let others run your day.

Help them understand this working at home “THING”.


Take a shower and watch the PJ’s !