This political correct nonsense has to be reined in. It is
has gone overboard. It has gone too far and “jumped the shark!”

Now what happened you may ask ?

Recently, various protest groups object that the new. Girl’s Legos “promote an overt form of sexism.”

These Legos scream “being pretty is more important than what you can do”. They have
fashionable hair styles discriminating against the poor. The Girl Lego’s  are too slim therefore ostracizing overweight little girls and they dress at a middle to upper class level so the poor cannot
relate or feel improper pressure.


Probably somehow the pegs and the holes on the bottom of the
pieces symbolize something too!

This is HOGWASH!

These are toys and
only twisted adults with too much time on their hands could think like this!  Personally I can’t believe this is even making
the news!

Did you hear that Barbie wears too much expensive jewelry?
Plastic surgeons also want Barbie to go back to her original bust size because
now she doesn’t reflect all the enhancements that millions are spent on enhancements
each and every year. With an average bust on Barbie, millions maybe billions of
dollars are being lost by these poor doctors.

Is this fair??

GI Joe carried a gun so he must be in favor of killing and violence!

Train sets have locomotives that bellow smoke and pollute
the environment. They are not “green”!

Rock ‘em Sock ‘em robots are in favor of bullying and just
want to fight ! They are the cause of all violence in our schools!

Sorry is a game that doesn’t apologize in a polite and full
manor-it’s apologies are way too terse !

Monopoly ?—Nope they are illegal and only played  in Washington DC and  in election years when BIG donations are sought.

Tinker Toys—they did not pull all necessary permits to begin
construction and are structurally unsafe.

Lincoln Logs—they have to be renamed as all other past and
current Presidents are offended that the logs aren’t named after them.
(Roosevelt Logs?)

Baby Dolls can’t be sold as the pro-life people think they
should have been aborted before they hit the shelves!!

Blah, blah, blah.

My God, let the kids play!

Let them have fun.

Let them grow up.

Let them use their
imaginations and play over,and around any objections they may find.

Forget the objections found by Mom,. found by Dad!

I can’t believe the junk our media picks up and endorses.

Where does it stop?

When does it stop?

I’m worried for kids today and the children of the future.

Please, let children be children.

My hope, my wish is that by the time the kids playing with Legos
grow up, we will fix the silly laws, the silly rules, the silly thinking that
has polluted our everyday lives.

It’s time to speak up and let the goofballs out there know
they are goofballs.

Be assertive, take a stance, get involved and reclaim America for the land that MOST of us love!