Business owners are worried about the future. I think they are more worried than they have been in a long time. Many business owners are type “A” personalities and love to be in control. The future is one big thing they can not control. They can plan, they can prepare, they can position but not control.

Owners know their personal paychecks are never guaranteed , payless pay days are a reality from time to time and that their personal savings are often the painful source of funding for the business.

When business is bad, cash is low, worry escalates.

The future is examined. The future is always an unknown.

Faith and trust moves owners forward.

Today the uncontrollable might be the biggest worry.

What out National leaders are doing or not doing. The huge National debt our country has is a major concern. The debt that many want to increase even more. How this debt will stifle economic growth in the future is discussed at darn near any business forum. It is discussed publicly on stage but more honestly and openly at each an every table at the event.

Business owners see this debt, the National health care plan with its mammoth rules and regulations, and questionable leadership in Washington scaring the living bejeevers out of them.

They worry about the uncertainty of the direction of the country.

They worry about the “bully pulpit” tactics they are seeing as a growing trend in rules and regulations.

They worry about how others spend their money, their profits and have little to no say in the process.

They are worried and at times long to go back to the future.