Like most of you, I am recovering from a very long Thanksgiving Day.

It started yesterday with a little work, thanked a few folks on Facebook, had pancakes with a few of the Grandkids, started the first fire of the season, watched the Lions lose again, and had a fantastic Thanksgiving meal with the family (23 of us) and then played Apples for Apples for blood !

Early this AM, I heard that this the busiest day of the year for plumbers.

I also, remembered hearing this before.

Now I would have thought some silly bathroom humor would follow, but that is not the case.

It is the busiest day for plumbers to fix and ususally replace garbage disposals !

Folks on Thanksgiving fill them with too much garbage and stuff all kinds of things down them that never ever should go there anyhow.

This kinda reminded me of the garbage folks fill their minds with.

Too much of some things (porn, politics, televison, etc.) and some stuff that just shouldn’t be there(fear, worry, hopelessness, etc.)

Maybe today we need the mind filter of our’s replaced or repaired.

Maybe, we need to feed it some inspiration, motivation, dreams, and belief to help us hold on this Holiday season and finish the year in peace and calm.

Maybe we just need to repair a thought or belief or two.

Maybe we need to ask for help.

You know what you are feeding yourself.

You know if changes need to be made.

You know if you need help.

Your move.

Make some big changes or ask for help.

Get rid of the garbage.

Clear your mind and heart.