Haven’t we all had days when things go crazy and stay crazy for days ?

We can argue if this is or is not attracted but it is very real.

You chase your tail and chase your tail.

Disappointment, frustration sets in.

Been there ?

There now ?

Last Thursday night, my daughter calls and tells us she “thinks” she is labor and to meet her at the hospital.

Early Friday morning a new healthy Grandson is welcomed into our family.

The crazy times didn’t stop as we were up all night and now are in charge of a 2 and 4 year old.

But then…

He (Bentley Scott) grabbed Grandpa’s finger with those tiny, tiny little hands.

Back to earth I came. All the bull “you know what” stopped.

Thoughts, values, priorities came back into focus.

Serenity for a few minutes.

If you have held a child and have a heart you know what I mean.

I don’t care what a tough guy you are, how busy you are, how stressed you are.

You melt !

This has happened with every grandchild I have held and my own children many years ago.

Find a way to get back to earth.

Find a child , a baby to hold. Or, find another way.

Find a way.

“Earth” isn’t all bad.

It’s pretty damn good !