This is a song folks are using for a variety of physical challenges.

I know it started as a push up challenge and now folks are lifting and squatting to the cadence.

Old drill instructor’s will recognize the beat but they had there own words, most of which would not be for a PG audience.

Business owners will recognize this often as how they make sales and profits.Depending on the businesses cash cycle, it may be when cash is or is not on hand.

We do know that when Sally is UP (cash), you better squirrel some away and not spend it all because you know Sally Down(cash) days will be coming.

When Sally is Down how do you handle it ?

Can you maintain the attitude a leader has to have in his or her business ?

When Sally is Down, do your competitors, customers and suppliers smell it all over you ?

Do you have a plan to handle it, or are you cruising by the seat of your pants ?

How often is Sally Down?

How long does Sally stay Down ?

The right plan, the right attitude, the right goal setting, the right actions bring Sally Up.

Don’t forget that !

Keep humming the Bring Sally Up song !!

I know it’s stuck in you head !

At least for a bit, remember who stuck it there !

Oh yeah, you’re welcome !